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Hi!!!  We're Brodi and Kelsey- sisters and owners of TYI!

Tag...You're It™ Jewelry (TYI) is a true family affair, founded in 2009. Each piece you receive has been designed by us and handmade in our Indiana studio.  While we are both designers and customer service reps, we also have individual jobs at TYI.  Kelsey does the hand stamping, while our father, Chuck, does a lot of the oxidation and metalsmithing.  Brodi does the finishing and our sister-in-law, Brittni, handles the engraving and packaging.  We are a family business and still have small children at home, which is why our studio and email hours are MWF from 9-3:30.  We started our business in 2009 after realizing there was a need for affordable jewelry that could be personalized with children's names.  We spent many years selling our items at local craft shows and on ETSY.  We can also be found in the following places: 

-"All You" Magazine, December 2015 issue: 'The Best Gift I Ever Got' 
-"The Vampire Diaries", episode 412 (January 2012) 
-The Huffington Post (
-Cool Mom Picks (