What is 14K gold filled?  Gold filled is a great alternative to solid gold.  It contains 100x more gold than plated.  It is a layer of solid gold bonded to a base metal, like brass.


Will it turn my finger green?  No, it shouldn't:)  If you're finger turns green with solid gold than there is a chance it can turn with gold-filled also.  Usually, green skin is a PH reaction and not the quality of metal.  


Why does the name look lighter or darker than the pictures on your website?  We make every ring by hand and make sure they are accurate to our photos before shipment.  We try to make sure all of our photos are accurate, but most of them are taken in natural light and very close up, so they will look different than if you are in a darker room or looking at it from a distance.


Why is there a yellow spot on my rose ring?  We use yellow gold solder on rose gold rings because rose gold solder contains carcinogens...yikes!!


Why is there a brown or copper colored spot on my ring?  Our rings are all soldered by hand.  When soldering gold-filled jewelry there is a chance that the base metal can come to the surface on the solder spot, which is darker than the surface gold.  This doesn't happen often, but can easily be cleaned with a polishing pad.


Will my jewelry tarnish?  All jewelry tarnishes, but can be cleaned easily.  We love our silver rings because they are .999 silver and don't tarnish as quickly as sterling silver!  


How long does it take to get my order?  Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks plus shipping, which usually takes a few days.  It varies throughout the year though and can sometimes be faster:)


Do have any coupon codes?  We run sales throughout the year.  To stay updated on our sales, follow our social media pages!