~the Gianna~

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This set includes THREE personalized rings- one 14K yellow gold filled, one fine silver, and one 14K rose gold filled.  This beautiful set of rings can be personalized with names and dates in our darkened typewriter font. 

Each engraved ring starts from a spool of wire.  They are handcut, handformed and soldered in the first process of creating your ring.  They are then hammered to size, engraved, handbrushed, and polished.  Each ring will have a small solder spot in the back because they are handmade, not machine made.  We use yellow gold solder on our yellow and rose gold filled rings because rose gold solder contains carcinogens. There may be slight color variations between the solder and the metal on the ring.  These rings are individually made for you and no two are alike!  Please see the photo for more information about gold-filled jewelry, as it is an affordable alternative to solid gold.